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It leaves the least wiggle room for error or misunderstanding. But if God is not, why is there good?" I think it’s safe to say the New Testament authors didn’t talk like Elizabethan era actors. It’s a translation that a dad can read aloud to his young children and then use for his own personal Bible study. This beautiful KJV Bible is available on Amazon. It's often claimed that the ESV is more literal than the CSB, but in my opinion (as a translator for the HCSB and editor for the CSB) that is overstated. This beautiful KJV Bible is available on Amazon. It just helps make it more understandable. Still, the Interlinear is valuable to really serious Bible students who want to gain a deeper understanding. But it is on the literal front that the CSB fails. All Bible translations can be found on the spectrum from “Word-for-Word” thru “Thought-for-Thought” and all the way to Paraphrase. In 10 years or so, once our society is thoroughly indoctrinated with ideas about gender fluidity, and our language is dominated by the use of gender-neutral pronouns, scholars will be debating what pronoun to use to refer to God, despite the indisputable fact that God used male pronouns to refer to Himself. Posted on April 28, 2017 by pastordale January 27, 2020 . But there are other translations that are easier to read than the NASB. English Standard Version (ESV) The ESV is a revision of the Revised Standard Version (RSV). originally published in 1963 and was revised in 1995. When word first came out that LifeWay/Holman was coming out with a revised update to the HCSB, I was immediately intrigued. It’s hard to go wrong reading the CSB -especially this one on Amazon. international reader of English who might have learned English in a different To paraphrase The CSB translates this verse nearly identically, “Brothers and sisters, consider your calling: Not many were wise from a human perspective, not many powerful, not many of noble birth.”. Based on Functional Equivalence or Literal (Word-for-Word) This evidence comes from centuries of scientific, archaeological and historical studies and discoveries. But this raises an interesting question:  If Scripture, in the original writing, uses a gender-specific word generically, should we translate the word itself? Several remarks are in order before beginning this review. You may like a translation because it is more memorable because you like to memorize verses or even whole chapters of text. When you sign up through Best Bible Commentaries, you will save 10% on the cost of the software in addition to getting five free books. Thus if we take the ESV, KJV, and NASB is examples of literal translations, and the NIV, NLT, and CEV as examples of thought-for-thought translations, the CSB should land somewhere between them. The NET was first published in 2005, and it is a completely new version. When you read it in English, you naturally want it to be the best possible translation. You can get the Topaz in calfskin from Amazon (affilate). A good comparison can be made by comparing a well-known Mark 16:9-20. And that's a good thing... "If God is, why is there evil? If you are like me, you will have multiple translations around the house, on your computer and all your electronic devices. Basically it should be more literal than the NIV, and more readable than the ESV. The CSB achieves very little, apart from rendering obsolete the one genuine contender in the optimal equivalence category. The NLT helps me understand the ESV and the normal language allows me to read faster. As a result, it opens up God’s Word to many younger native English speakers who might be intimidated by the deep, rich content of the original KJV. I have heard that CSB leans towards baptists, while ESV leans towards complementarianism, etc. Hello, I'm trying to find a translation that is easy to read, so I won't go crazy over reading big portions at a time. My (modern) Bible translation of preference is the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB). After watching, read on. deuterocanonical –or apocryphal- books. I had liked the HCSB but it had a few quirks I just could not handle. Nunc montes odio phasellus dignissim, aenean, nec augue velit integer elementum ut montes quis integer cursus, est purus, lectus duis, scelerisque tincidunt ultricies phasellus elementum turpis tristique. The inconsistent use of Yahweh was a big one. The Christian Standard Bible, or CSB, is a newish translation that we’ve found to be a really good blend of accuracy and readability. The ESV is a beautiful translation that maintains one of the highest degrees of accuracy to the original languages. Here’s one good way to start. Of the seven, only the KJV and the NKJV are translating what is often called the Majority Text (MT) of the NT. Though modern, it remains pure and faithful to the gendered language found in original texts and older translations, keeping it close to the original meaning and not getting tangled up with gender neutral ideas that detract from the original meaning. For instance, the HCSB has the best translation of Gen. 2:5-6. Hello. Dropped capitalization of personal pronouns referring to God. ESV. translating certain passages. But there are so many English translations of the Bible. But as we study deeper, we learn that translation from one language to another isn’t always so simple. Here is my review explaining why. To date, nothing has been said regarding changing these passages back. There is ample evidence in today's world that the Christian faith rests on Solid Ground. Camron Hyde. The Phillips translation is an extended paraphrase by Anglican Clergyman J.B. Phillips. I was very excited about the MEV too, supposed to be an update of NKJV. You can get the Topaz in goatskin from Amazon (affilate). The left side is the more literal translations –formal equivalence- and the right side –the paraphrase- is fully into the dynamic equivalence realm. Many of the Bible verses you remember If you preach or teach regularly from the ESV, this is the Bible for you. The Apologetics Study Bible (CSB) – A Review. In seeking 'optimal equivalence', the CSB has attempted to fill a space between the readability of versions like the the NIV/NLT/Message, and the literal accuracy of versions such as ESV/NASB/NKJV. The purpose of this essay is to analyze the new CSB Study Bible (Nashville: Holman, 2017) in light of a significant theological discussion among evangelicals, namely Calvinistic theology. Phillips had a gift for bringing God’s living word to a new generation. word-for-word translation. It was designed to be easy-to-read-and-understand for the People might purchase a number of different Bibles, but which one do they actually read? First, I am writing from a friendly perspective. Here is a chart from the CSB website comparing multiple verses: Chart. Thought-for-thought translations don’t get the title as the most accurate, yet they are still amazingly accurate. Even though it is free, it is regarded by scholars as a first-rate translation. I have the old 1978 version. The bottom line is that the drive for gender-neutral language comes from a society that attacks the idea of gender itself. Let’s dive in and unpack Ps 19:1, ESV. It’s really interesting to learn what the translators were The CSB largely eliminates archaic and Shakesperian-sounding language, making the reading experience more enjoyable and elevating comprehension for us modern readers. Equivalence. And if God had wanted to reveal Himself as “zhe,” He would have waited 2,000 years for the Incarnation. The Christian Standard Bible relies on the Modern Critical Text (Nestle Aland). View key Bible passages side-by-side to compare the CSB to the HCSB, NIV, ESV, NLT, and KJV. It’s because of its amazing literary qualities, its memorability, and the fact that many of the Study Bible cross references originated with the KJV. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out my new post where I go into detail about Study Bibles. Thus if we take the ESV, KJV, and NASB is examples of literal translations, and the NIV, NLT, and CEV as examples of thought-for-thought translations, the CSB should land somewhere between them. You can buy this highly-rated ESV study Bible on Amazon. The CSB (Christian Standard Bible) updates many translations and word choices in order to improve both faithfulness and clarity, as well as to enhance the shareability of the translation to new Christians, or those who have never read a Bible. That venerable old standard –the King James Version (KJV) I have even stopped reading the NLT as much, which gives me more time to focus on the passage with my study Bible. While many were relieved to read this, some of us noted that nothing was said about the controversial change to Genesis 3:16 and 4:7. Translators worked extra hard to make it easy for all to The original HCSB translation committee includes more than 100 … Since Hebrew has so few words, many Hebrew words have multiple meanings. Instead, the original translations of the Bible were written in mostly Hebrew and Aramaic for the Old Testament, and Koine Greek for the New Testament.So why is this confusing?Well, the English versions of the Bible that we are reading are mere translations of the original text.It’s best to think of the different translations of the Bible … It takes a lot for a Bible to blow me away these days. The HCSB is not even 20 years old. Regarding CSB as a translation, I regularly used the HCSB as my second Bible. Technically, it’s the most accurate translation of all, but since it ignores the grammar of the target language, readability suffers greatly. Or should we translate the meaning behind the use, making sure to include both genders? A paraphrase often uses a lot more words in an effort to more fully describe the meaning of the words coming from the original language. Several remarks are in order before beginning this review. It’s available at Amazon and other places. There’s so much more to the story. You may like a translation that challenges you to learn. You may be asking how the CSB is different from the HCSB. doing and how they decided to write various translations. The adjustments are neither radical nor extensive because we are happy with the work that was carried out beforehand. I’m including the Interlinear as a bonus version of the literal translations of the Bible. Biblical terms related to servants and slaves are notoriously difficult … But what holds it back from being higher on the list? While many Reformed brothers prefer the ESV for its literal translation approach, I believe it may compromise readability unnecessarily. It has since become the most visited post ever on our website. In this video we look at the various features and the pros and cons of the CSB study bible. Fortunately, English speakers have a huge variety of excellent translations to choose from. The CSB has veered far more toward dynamic equivalence than the HCSB did. Translators only know the correct meaning when considering the context of the verse or whole passage. We can learn a lot There are fundamentally two criteria on which we should evaluate every translation:  Translation philosophy, and manuscript tradition (for a more complete explanation of these points, read this post). The NIV is very readable. Translation Comparison: ESV vs. HCSB on the Sacraments. Stay with me… Essentially Literal Bible Translations. It is also very close to the NASB. The CSB purposes to reflect this beauty. it always was, and it’s very memorable. Holman Bible Publishers, Nashville. Our God creates beauty, and His Word is a beautiful collection of historical narratives, laws, poems, songs, prophecies, and letters. Compare the ESV and CSB on John 3:16, For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. Logos Bible Software is the best digital resource for bible commentaries, theology books, and more. He prepared it originally for his church youth group, but it has become a favorite of Bible students and scholars for decades since it was first published in 1958. In 2001 Crossway released a new translation, the English Standard Version (ESV). It was The CSB translation committee has made several improvements to the 2017 edition of the CSB. The NLT is dynamic, while the NKJV and ESV are literal. The HCSB also has the best translation of Proverbs 8:22-31. very popular and highly-rated NKJV Study Bible on Amazon. But how can you know for sure? the Word was God. The NLT was introduced for similar reasons as the Living Bible. That's a fair representation of the major criticism of those two translations, but every translation has it's critics. With all these options (and acronyms – this is like the government), how can you know which one is best? She Reads Truth Bible Features. The ESV is my default translation, but I would quote the HCSB regularly at places where I thought it had the superior translation. CSB: Common people are only a vapor; important people, an illusion. (dictionary definition) means a restatement of a text or passage Yet as God inspired it, the term we translate “brothers” is a male-gendered word that is meant generically. One of the bellwether issues in Bible translation is the use of gender-neutral language. The Interlinear is a literal word-for-word translation Each approach has its strengths and weaknesses. The HCSB New Testament was published in January 2001 and the entire Bible in 2003. In my view, the HCSB strikes a very careful balance between being faithful to the original text of Scripture and being highly readable. exact word from the target language that corresponds to it. A paraphrase translation like the Phillips translation uses more words –and it’s easy to see that it is still very accurate and does not add or subtract from the original. A new edition was published in 2009 including the MSG has certain idioms that are found more acceptable in North America than in the UK. The MEV appears as a cross between the KJV textual foundation and the ESV style. yourself when deciding which translation to get: For many folks, just one translation will never do. But again, actually reading it makes me wonder if they had a … You can get this highly-rated NIV Study Bible on Amazon. I do not care too much about literalness, I just want something that is unbiased. CSB Bible Review (Eventually) I have enjoyed reading the Bible most of my life. The changes in this revision are subtle, the verse itself is nearly identical. The translators of almost every translation take their work very seriously, and it’s great to have so many translations to choose from. As a result, I have decided to offer this follow-up, throwing the HCSB into the mix. This Large-Print version has nothing but 5-star reviews! [As a side, Jesus assumed the male gender in the Incarnation]. There are many good translations. This translation has been lauded by many as “lively” “a treasure” and “dynamic” –superlatives you seldom hear when describing a Bible translation! link to Who Was Barabbas in the Bible? (UPDATE: In 2017, the HCSB, reviewed below, underwent a radical revision and name change to CSB. The Greek language has a lot of fascinating features with verb tenses and other grammatical structures that present some issues for translating into a language like English, which lacks many grammatical features of Biblical Greek. In the winter of 2004/2005 I was debating switching from the New American Standard Bible to the English Standard Version. Passage: ESV: ESV Text: HCSB: HCSB Text: Baptism Acts 2:38-39 Ac 2:38 And Peter said to them, ‘‘Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. This Large-Print version has nothing but 5-star reviews! For detailed study, I use the Logos Bible Software program to compare translations across many other versions (ESV, NRSV, etc.) English has not changed so significantly that the HCSB (which itself was revised before now) requires a completely new revision. It may elaborate more on the context in a way designed to help the reader understand the passage better. A while back, a friend asked me why I like the NASB more than the ESV. I have used the NASB, NKJV, ESV,…and now the CSB. The text of Scripture itself never changes, though our insight into it does. The CSB translation committee has made several improvements to the 2017 edition of the CSB. preferences. Thought-for-thought translation is also known as Dynamic A while back, a friend asked me why I like the NASB more than the ESV. The ESV ridiculously uses "and" to connect the last five or so of the Ten Commandments in Deuteronomy 5. And why not? There are 3 main approaches for Bible translations. In my opinion, I have quite a few Bibles, not including digital, that take up space on my desk and shelf. used in America in 2014: Another thing I should mention is that it’s a great idea to get a Study Bible. (Note: CSB stands for Christian Standard Bible, a new Bible translation.) Here is a list: -Thought-for-Thought (Dynamic Equivalence). (ESV) ESV. Faith Founded on Fact is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. I have heard that CSB leans towards baptists, while ESV leans towards complementarianism, etc. This may seem a bit Bible nerdy, but it’s REALLY important. It’s a wonderful blessing that we have so many options for enjoying the Word of the Living God. Posted by 1 year ago. The important thing is that you find a translation that you like. Just as today scholars debate about whether to use the term “brother” generically, despite the fact God Himself used the equivalent terms generically when Scripture was inspired. giving the meaning in another form, as for clearness; rewording. This helps readers to easily perceive additional shades of meaning they might otherwise struggle to see in a standard translation. It’s the perfect blend of the beautiful KJV verses that stream almost like music to the ear –but with greatly improved readability. For example, in 1 John 4:19 the KJV and NKJV include the word Him after “we love,” but the other five translations do not. Whatever the reason, you now know the top Bible translations And many people have their As one pastor wrote in a review of various translations, the best Bible is the one people will actually read. Faith Founded on Fact also participates in affiliate programs with Bluehost, Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. Our language has changed greatly since the KJV was published 4 centuries ago so it doesn’t get to the top of the list when measured by today’s standards. –Phillips. But it is on the literal front that the CSB fails. But it is on the literal front that the CSB fails. It’s regarded as somewhat colloquial, so not all will appreciate it. The differences are the addition of “and sisters” at the beginning of the verse, and a change from “are” to “were” in the middle of the verse. The NRSV uses gender-neutral language, while the ESV does not. I am moving away from the ESV because I believe the CSB is better for the whole church and for those we haven’t led to Christ yet. As a result, I have decided to offer this follow-up, throwing the HCSB into the mix. The best translations of the Bible are mostly well-known, but there are also a few that are not so well-known. It is written in very modern English, yet readers still find that it reminds them of the KJV and RSV. Study bibles not only contain the full text of Scripture, but also include explanatory notes, insightful commentary, historical timelines, comparison charts, and colorful illustrations, which help readers understand God’s Word and apply it to their lives. Thought-for-thought just takes the perspective up a level from word-for-word. There are many differences between the two, though both aim(ed) to provide a translation that falls somewhere between the formal equivalence (NASB, KJV, ESV) and functional equivalence (NIV, NET, NLT) ends of the translation spectrum. country than the US or UK, or might have learned English as a second language. No translation is perfect, of course. GWT’s roots are in two translations of the New Testament: The New Testament in the Language of Today: An American Translation, published in 1963 by Lutheran pastor and seminary professor William F. Beck (1904–1966) (Source) and the later New Testament: God’s Word to the Nations (GWN) (IBID. For instance, the HCSB has the best translation of Gen. 2:5-6. The CSB. Scholars regard Word-for-Word as most accurate translation method that leaves the least room for error. Others don’t like it, because it’s not the way it’s expressed in the source texts. I think the CSB lands in the sweet spot between the more formal (“word-for-word”) translations and more dynamic (“thought-for-thought”) translations. There’s more great information after this. Scholars regard it as resting somewhere to the left of the NIV on the spectrum above, and call it “Optimal Equivalence.”. Standard Version (ESV), and the New English Translation (NET) are all examples B. Phillips’ paraphrase of the New Testament—The New Testament in Modern English. The ESV is a revision of the Revised Standard Version (RSV). Read my review of that revision here: ... the English Standard Version (ESV) and the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB). Comparison Review - ESV Reader's Bible vs. CSB Reader's Bible (cloth over board) Here are some things to think about and questions to ask Jan 9 The Cambridge ESV Topaz Bible Review. I’ve owned a copy of Phillips for decades and I highly No translation is completely word-for-word, and no reputable translation ignores the actual words in its translation. The KJV and NKJV both consider this Scripture. Because it’s a blend, the CSB is very easy to read and understand . But the 2011 version is a reflection of how the English language is changing. Catholic believers. It was meant to be more readable, and more accessible to a wider audience that wouldn’t relate to all the thee’s and thou’s of the KJV and RSV. Perish the thought! (Podcast) CSB Study Bible vs. ESV Study Bible and Engaging Sanders’s Anti-Christian Bias On this episode of the Bellator Christi Podcast, Brian weighs the differences between the newly released CSB Study Bible to that of the ESV Study Bible, largely considered one … All translations adopt an idiomatic approach at times (rightly), and there are plenty of times where the CSB is more literal than the ESV (e.g. It retains the beautiful structure and literary qualities of the KJV, but just enough of the antiquated words are changed into modern English words that the reader’s understanding is greatly improved. Problems with the CSB And the fact is that neither our understanding of the text nor the conventional use of the English language change significantly enough over the span of 10-15 years to justify our ever more frequent revisions of biblical translations. Large-Print version has nothing but 5-star reviews! Part of the confusion when it comes to reading the Bible is that the Bible wasn’t originally written in English. Colossians 2:9-10. It’s safe to say they’ve worked out the details. To show respect, I prefer capitalizing … also shows up very high on the list of most accurate Bibles. The English is 400 years old, dating to the original publishing date of 1611. Iain, I had forgotten that you were on the team of the CSB. Scholarship has not advanced so much that the HCSB requires a completely new revision. The HCSB, predecessor to the CSB has been one of the translations that I have used for a number of years and I am trying to make it a main translation but after 21 years with NASB, old habits really do die hard. The NRSV uses gender-neutral language, while the ESV does not. I typically study from the ESV and read from the NLT. We are reaching the point where Bible translations are revised nearly with the speed of textbooks. Subsequently, I posted a list of my comparisons. The purpose of this essay is to analyze the new CSB Study Bible (Nashville: Holman, 2017) in light of a significant theological discussion among evangelicals, namely Calvinistic theology. Phillips was a scholar of Biblical Greek who worked directly from Greek manuscripts. The CSB scholars undertook an exhaustive analysis of the source texts and produced a great translation. This makes the translations very useful in side-by-side comparisons. You can take a look and check the price on Amazon. If I could read Hebrew and Greek, then I would read the original texts. for the Study of Religion and American Culture, Incredible Female Heroes, Warriors and Villains in the Bible, Irrefutable Contradictions in the Bible [REFUTED]. ESV: Those of low estate are but a breath; those of high estate are a delusion; in the balances they go up; they are together lighter than a breath. In January 2017, an update to the Holman Christian Standard Bible was released. But remember that Scripture is inspired in the original manuscripts, and it is inspired down to the very word. Its translation method is partly Word-for-Word and partly Thought-for-Thought, making it similar in concept to the GWT, NIV and some other translations. This is also about the nature of God Himself. GNT was designed specifically for non-native English speakers in Africa. The inconsistent use of Yahweh was a big one. Together on a scale, they weigh less than a vapor. You can gain a lot by watching Allen Parr discuss the source material for all of today’s English translations of the Bible. Also remember that no translation is perfect. Strict Scrutiny and the Ethics of Roe V. Wade, Fairmont City Council Member Labels Us “Idiotic”, Review and Critique of Robert Webber’s The Younger Evangelicals, Practical Discipleship: The Budget Record Book. Yes, doctrine divides. My pastor –and quite a few other pastors- use the NKJV as Basically it should be more literal than the NIV, and more readable than the ESV.

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